Recently, we have developed an anti-pesticide fabric based Kisan Kavach(TM) technology. Kisan Kavach is highly washable and reusable technology. The robustness of this technology to prevent pesticide/insecticide exposure has been demonstrated in preclinical models. These groundbreaking findings have been published in  Nat. Commun. 2024, 15, 4844. Link   


Our group has developed a skin gel to protect farmers from pesticide-induced lethality. Farmers get exposed to toxic pesticides while spraying in the field. Dermal and inhalation are major routes of exposure. Acute exposure leads to huge toxicity and lethality. We have developed one technology to prevent pesticide exposure. A topical skin gel which can chemically deactivate toxic pesticides upon contact. This work has been published in Science Advance journal, and widely received applaud worldwide.

“Prevention of pesticide-induced neuronal dysfunction and mortality with nucleophilic poly-Oxime topical gel” Sci. Adv. 20184, eaau1780. Link 

* This technology has been named 1st in the top 15 breakthrough technologies developed in 2018 in India.

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A short summary of the technology

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