News & Research Highlights (Selective)


* An interview with Praveen : Chronicle Pharmabiz: A special Supplement of R&D in India India can contribute enormously to global R&D 21st Sep 2017

* Research Matters - Gubbi Labs: Scientists uncover the genetics behind neurogensis in planaria Podcast

* Chronicle Pharmabiz : inStem develops insights into regenerative medicine studying flatworm membrane composition 7th Sept 2017, scanned copy

* Biostandups : New mode of miRNA delivery in flat-worm sheds light on brain organization  29th Aug 2017

* inStem, Bangalore :
Innovative technology to deliver nucleic acids into flatworms provides novel insight into role of microRNA in brain organization 25th Aug 2017

* BangaloreMirror : Head transplant in 2017? scanned copy


* :
inStem designs & tests a new transdermal drug delivery system to treat chronic inflammation 16th Dec 2016

* Research Matters - Gubbi Labs: Understanding and controlling chronic inflammation using a novel laboratory model

* Indian Science Journal : Indian scientists design treatment model for chronic inflammation 15th Dec 2016

* : InStem finds how to turn off chronic inflammatory diseases 15th Dec 2016

* The Times of India : Researchers from inStem study sterile inflammation, come up with drug delivery system using biomaterials  14th Dec 2016

* InStem, Bangalore :
Treachery in the Immune army by Anusha Krishnan, 14th Dec 2016

* IndiaBioscience : Biomaterials research in India: from tissue regeneration to drug targeting technology by Anjali Vaidya, 26thMay 2016


* The Time of India : It's time for brain gain, says Indian scientists in US Oct 15, 2015

* Nature India :
Hydrogel for slow release of IBD drugs 18th Aug 2015

* : inStem in a global joint research develops inflamed tissue-targeting hydrogel to treat Crohn's disease  17th Aug 2015

* Times of India - Chennai : Indian, US researchers discover targeted drug delivery for ulcers 15th Aug 2015

* Times of India - Kolkata : Indian, US researchers discover targeted drug delivery for ulcers 15th Aug 2015

* Times of India - Bangalore : Drug targets rogue tissue, spares rest 14th Aug 2015

* inStem, Bangalore : Allaying the inflamed: A low-cost, safe, controlled drug delivery system for inflammatory bowl diseases and ulcers Mohit Kumar Jolly, 13th Aug 2015   


* inStem, Bangalore : Localized drug delivery enhances transplant survival Richa Malhotra, 13th Aug 2015

* Nature Reviews Drug Discovery : Hydrogel safely delivers immunosuppressant Nat. Rev. Drug. Discovery 2014, 13, 726 (19th Sept 2014)

* The Economic Times : Molecular Magic 13th Sep 2014

* Nature India : Hydrogel to fight graft rejection 19th Aug 2014 

* The Hindu - Karnataka:
New drug transforms transplant surgery  18th Aug 2014  scanned copy

* The Hindu - National : Way to block immune rejection after transplant surgery  14th Aug 2014  scanned copy

* Deccan Herald : New way to deliver drugs in graft surgery 15th Aug 2014, scanned copy

* : inStem develops novel drug delivery device to avert graft rejection in organ transplant  16th Aug 2014, pdf

* Healthcanal - health news : Stimuli-responsive drug delivery system prevents transplant rejection, reduces toxicity, and lasts for months 16th Aug 2014

* Harvard News : Easing transplant rejection  15th Aug 2014, Marjorie

* FierceDrugDelivery : Hydrogel enables longer graft survival in hand, leg transplant patients 20th Aug 2014

* BWH News : Stimuli-responsive drug delivery system prevents transplant rejection, reduces toxicity, and lasts for months, 13th Aug 2014

* Meddiviceonline : Smart hydrogel prevents graft rejection, 19th Aug 2014

* Harvard Stem Cell Institute News : Bioengineering a better quality of life for recipients of hand transplants, 19th Aug 2014


* The Straits Times : India's scientists return as opportunities beckons  2nd Sept 2013


* CNN–Health: Relief for nickel allergy on the nano level
* Science Daily: Nanoparticles offer new hope for common skin allergy
* Los Angeles Times: Wash-off cream could prevent nickel allergy, study suggests
* Cosmetics design: Calcium-containing nanoparticles could tackle common skin allergy
* Nanowerk: Nanoparticles offer new hope for common skin allergy
* NewsMedical: Nanoparticles can prevent nickel-induced dermatitis
* The Times of India: Injectable gels to treat arthritis
* ScienceDaily: Injectable gel could spell relief for arthritis sufferers

* Aalatimes: Injectable gel could spell relief for arthritis sufferers


* Discovery News: New material turns oil from liquid to solid
* New material turns oil from liquid to solid
* Nature Chemistry: Molecular gelators: Solid oil recovery
* Chemical & Engineering News: Sugar derivative solidifies oil
* tce Today: Scooping spilled oil
* Energy Daily: CCNY Team develops non-toxic oil recovery agent
* ScienceDaily: Team develops non-toxic oil recovery agent
* Xconomy: MIT’s $100K Business Plan Prize, $200K Energy Prize Up for Grabs on Wednesday; A Look at the Finalists’.
* Biorefinery concept shows a way out of a world dominated by petrochemicals


* Xconomy: The Kauffman Foundation: Bridging Entrepreneurship Up to Date in Kansas City
* Business Week: The Next Hot Entrepreneurs: Science PhDs
* Health Science and Technology News: Published on Aug, 2009.
* Brigham and Women’s Hospital News: in Awards and Honors Aug 2009.
* Science: In Science Careers - Taken for Granted: Doing Something About Postdoc Mess
* Harvard Science News: Published in Aug 2009.
* Entrepreneurial Fellows
* Fellowship will nurture scientist-founders


* The New York Times: In Technology Innovation - Harnessing Biology, and Avoiding Oil, for Chemical Goods
* Nanotechnology News: Self-assembling nano-fiber gel delivers clinically approved drugs
* Nature Nanotechnology @ News: Silver nanoparticles: Protective paints
* Chemical & Engineering News: Drying paint delivers a silver bullet
* Biomaterials Today: Nanoparticles help paint resist germs
* Materials Today: Nanoparticles help paint resist germs
* Scientific American: A silver coating in the fight against microbes
* MRS web news: Silver-nanoparticle-embedded antimicrobial paints based on vegetable oil
* Self-assembling nano-fiber gel delivers clinically approved drugs
* News feature of CCNY and Rice University: Low-cost, 'green' way to make antimicrobial paints
* AOCS web news: Antimicrobial vegetable oil-based paints
* United Press International (UPI): Nano-based antimicrobial paint is created
* The bioeconomy at work: researchers develop low-cost, bio-based technique to make  antimicrobial paint


* Nature: Design and development of soft nanomaterials from biobased amphiphiles
* Decade of Science-CUNY MATTERS:  Special feature


* Chemical & Engineering News: By Linda Wang
* Newsweek Magazine: Smart Gel-O
* Materials 360:
Highlighted in NANOWERK.COM - as IMAGE IN FOCUS, and World Gold Council
* RSC Journal Soft Matter: Best cover page of the year
* Top Ten Articles: Soft Matter (most downloaded article, No: 1) December 2006, Oct-Nov
* Chemical Science: RSC -Making the most of apricot and cashew nut leftovers
* Chemistry World: Royal Society of Chemistry
* NYSTAR news: Biomass Initiative Newsletter - Scientist in the news
* Top Ten articles in Chemical Communications: May 2006
* Green Chemistry Network: Research on developing gelators from renewable resource
* HEART CUT: Am Chem Soc - Use a food crop by-product and enzymatic reactions to produce a
hydrophobic drug
* Green Chemistry: RSC - Recent literature in green chemistry
* Nanomaterials from apricots and cashew nut could replace petrochemicals
* NYSTAR nanotech briefing paper:
* Materials Today: Protein helps sugar get its gel
* National Science Foundation: New organic gel nanomaterials
* FOOD USA The nanogel preparation from sugars for food
* In-Pharma Sugar-olive oil break free from the kitchen